Pure Grape Syrup

ALFA LEONE Petimezi is 100% pure concentrated grape must made according to a traditional recipe, without preservatives. Recent scientific studies have shown that it has a rich nutritious value and is prized for its delicious sweet taste and its high iron and calcium content. Use Petimezi as a substitute for honey or maple syrup. Pour a generous drizzle of Petimezi over ice cream, yoghurt, cheese, pancakes or waffles to upgrade them with its distinct flavor and sweetness. It is great for glazes and dressings and makes a good superfood when mixed with tahini.

Packing: 250ml


Nutritional facts per 100ml: Energy 1212kcal, Fats <0,1g, Carbohydrates 70,5g, Proteins 0,8g, Calcium 74mg, Iron 1,5 mg, Phosphorus 40 mg